Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Global Big Day 2018 Malaysia - Prizes for Lucky Draw Winners

First Prize for Lucky Draw organized by Wild Bird Club Malaysia. Thanks to Sponsor, Minox Malaysia
On 5 May 2018, Global Big Day is back. Wherever you are in the world, go eBirding on 5 May to be a part of birding's biggest day! Read about Counting Birds to Save Nature article HERE.
Our favorite part of Global Big Day is watching the shared passion for birds unite 20000+ people from more than 160 countries in a single day to celebrate birds. With this in mind, we can think of no better theme for this May's Global Big Day than shorebirds!
Sandpipers, plovers, oystercatchers, lapwings, avocets—no matter the flavor, these evocative birds tie countries and continents together like few other animals on this planet. Their stories inspire us—from Red Knots that have cumulatively migrated the distance to the moon and back, to Semipalmated Sandpipers that travel 8,000 miles each year, and still manage to find the same exact nest scrape in the Arctic tundra to raise their young. Black-bellied Plover, or Grey Plover if you know it for its less colorful plumage, is our emblem for the 5 May Global Big Day, with a global distribution and remarkable migration effort that embodies the epic spirit of shorebirds and Global Big Day itself.
On 5 May 2018, can we we surpass last year's result, of 6635 bird species, and set a new record for one day of birding? It's in your hands.
No matter what you do—have fun, enjoy the birds you find, and share your sightings on eBird! We’re excited to see what we can achieve together for Global Big Day.

How to Participate

Submit Your Data to eBird on May 5
It's that simple. If you submit your birds to eBird they count. Use the website or mobile app, whichever you prefer. Learn how to take part. Don't worry -- you don't need to be a bird expert, or to go out all day long. Even ten minutes from your backyard will help. Of course, you are welcome to spend the entire day in the field, but know that it is not required! Please enter your data as soon as you can, preferably by Tuesday, May 8.

Follow Live Updates and Detailed Stats
During the Big Day, this page will be updated. You'll be able to follow Team Sapsucker in Colombia, Honduras, and California -- but more importantly, you'll be able to track how many species have been seen around the world and in any region of interest to you. Follow live updates here.

Organize With Your Friends for Greater Coverage
Now is the time to start planning to find difficult species. Learn how to share Global Big Day with others. Who will get CommonGreen-Magpie ? Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher ? Malaysian Plover ? Crested Fireback (Malay) ? Not all efforts need to work towards the global total. Try to organize in your home state, province, or even county to make sure teams spread out and find as many species as possible. Put your patch on the worldwide Global Big Day map. Tweet #globalbigday.

Second Prize
Make Your Sightings Count
Don't worry, every bird that you enter in eBird counts as a part of Global Big Day. However, there are three ways that you can make your sightings as valuable as possible. It is important to note that these are only suggestions—not requirements! 1. Submit complete checklists. 2. Keep counts of the birds that you see. 3. Keep multiple checklists throughout the course of your birding: if you get in the car, end that checklist and start a new one when you get to the next location.

Submit Your Checklist and Stand a Chance to Win Minox Binoculars
Wild Bird Club Malaysia will be giving away Minox BF Model 10 x 42 Binocular as First Prize and Minox Macroscope as Second Prize to TWO LUCKY Malaysian eBirders who will be selected based on lucky draw. Complete checklists with no Xs submitted through eBird Malaysia on 5th May 2018 will be eligible for this lucky draw. Lucky Draw is open to citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia, over the age of 18 years old. WBCM reserves the right to verify the eligibility of eBirder and to disqualify any eBirder who do not meet this criteria. WBCM reserves the right to publish and display the names, photographs, audio and visual recordings of the winners, in any mass media or newsletter for advertising and publicity purposes without payment or compensation. Winners will be notified via email by WBCM. 

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