Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Part 4 Asian Bird Fair 2016 - Birds of Jingshan, China

Chenhu wetland and wetlands near Wuhan airport on 15th November 2016.

Bean Goose and Black-faced Bunting 

Eurasian Blackbird and Great Cormorant

Greater White-fronted Goose (A Gaggle of Geese) and Hen Harrier
 Pallas Leaf Warbler and Pied Avocet on a very foggy day
Flock of Ruddy Shelducks and Spot-Billed Ducks

Azure-winged Magpie and Common Crane below:-
A Field Guide to the Birds of China by Oxford University Press (2000 ed) was on sale at RMB85 during ABF 2016 - soldout by second day!  

 ABF 2016 Mini Bird Race on 13th November 2016 - record submitted by Andy and Tang. 

Children’s activities were part of the Asian Bird Fair 2016 in Jingshan, China. The creative interpretation of birds and nature through a child’s eye via clay-art, paintings on wooden umbrellas, calligraphy papers, were amazing and very impressive. 

Pictures from Tang Tuck Hong, Ang Teck Hin, Wilbur Goh, Yeo Yee Ling and Asian Bird Fair Facebook

Part 3 Asian Bird Fair 2016 - Birds of Jingshan, China

Mandarin Ducks, Male & Female

Black-throated Tit and Brambling
Black-billed Magpie and Common Kingfisher

Brown-breasted Bulbul and Brown Crake

 Little Bunting and Chinese Bulbul

Collared Finchbill

Plumbeous Water Redstart & Daurian Redstart

Grey-capped Greenfinch and Red-flanked Bush Robin
Great Tit and Yellow-Bellied Tit

Black-tailed Hawfinch(Grosbeak) and Long-tail Tit

Mountain Bulbul and White-crowned Forktail 

 Vineous-Throated Parrotbill 

Pictures from Tang Tuck Hong, Ang Teck Hin, Wilbur Goh

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Part 2 Asian Bird Fair 2016 Jingshan, China

WBCM enters the stadium during the opening ceremony on the 12th November 2016. The Opening Ceremony of the 7th Asian Bird Fair 2016 in Jingshan, China including the parade of nations, pledge to protect wild birds led by James Zhang (President, CCX), the environmental-themed performances, were all recorded. You can watch the recorded performance by clicking on the picture at the end of this Part 2 article.

Police escorting our buses to the birdwatching sites (and primary school) in San Yang, Lu Lin, and Yang Ji. First time ever to be escorted by police for birdwatching outing – first-class treatment for us birdwatchers!

Primary School in San Yang town where the students briefed us on birdwatching which forms part of their co-curricular activities.

The tour to San Yang, Lu Lin and Yang Ji took place on 14th November 2016. 

Bird’s nest was found in one of the trees within the school compound 

Suspension bridge leading to rustic village in Lu Lin

Mushroom cultivation shacks (Top left). An elderly lady cutting stems from freshly harvested mushrooms (Top right). Tree laden with persimmons in winter season (bottom left and right)
Cropfields & fruit trees in rustic village 

                                                                                 Scenery at Lu Lin town after our lunch break (Top left). Waterfall area where the Plumbeous and White-Capped Redstarts “posed” willingly for the happy photographers (Top right). Lu Lin’s own “ Jiuzhaigou” (Bottom left). Roasted Chestnuts at the end of our walk (Bottom right). At RMB10 per packet, grabbed one just before boarding our bus as we headed to our final stop at Yang Ji town
Yang Ji Town. Billboard introduction included industries producing ginkgo, chestnut, mushrooms, edible fungus, cedar and poplar. Educational theme for schools is “Loving Birds, Loving Nature”. Reeve’s pheasant could be found at WangFengling village!

Ginkgo tree with Black-billed Magpie’s nest in centre. These magpies are very common in this area and throughout Jingshan county

A raft of Mandarin ducks were spotted swimming on the far left corner of this lake above

Birdwatching festivals, competitions of watching and photographing wild birds, all these have held by Jingshan County for nine years since 2008, and this included environmental knowledge lecture, theme essays, paintings, ecological photography exhibitions and environmental competition activities. Nearly 200,000 Jingshan citizens were involved as well as 300 teams of primary and middle school students, university students and groups from all over the country. These activities have also attracted birdwatching associations from more than 20 provinces and cities in China and more than 5,000 bird-lovers to watch and photograph birds in Jingshan. Central Hubei Province has a population of 64 million according to the introduction from the activity guidelines. The potential for growth in eco-tourism (through birdwatching etc.) within this province alone is evident. Haowei Hotel, Jingshan at night-time below. Local cuisines sourced from surrounding countrysides of Jingshan county, which we had for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Performances at Jingshan Theatre included martial arts, lion dances, wushu and a grand welcome to all delegates. Felt like Chinese New Year came early that night
Group picture with delegates from all over Asia after dinner at Yufeng International Hotel
WBCM presenting souvenirs to CCX President Mr. James Zhang
Tang and Andy putting down best wishes from WBCM on “Good Luck Ulsan for ABF 2017”
When Sandy Komito the character in “The Big Year” movie was having dinner in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day (a public holiday in USA hence all local diners were closed) and on his way to winning the American Big Year, he invited the Chinese waiters to accompany him since he was literally the “lonely birder”, still birding on a major public holiday. He asked the waiters what was the most interesting bird in China and the waiter plainly answered “Peking Duck”. For me, after attending this Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan, my perception of birdwatching in China has changed entirely and is no longer influenced by that particular (albeit funny) scene in that movie. A total of 79 bird species were sighted at Wenfeng Park, Mandarin Duck Lake, Yang Ji town, Mandarin Duck Creek, Lu Lin town, and Yangji, Hubei reservoir.

The weather was kind to us from 12th to 14th November, with sun shining although it was chilly at night when the temperature dropped to around 9 degrees Celsius. We checked out of Haowei Hotel, Jingshan by 15th November, Tuesday as we headed back to Wuhan City. As we left Jingshan county, our fond memories of the Bird Fair, the friendships forged, the lifers seen, recorded and photographed will remain with us as we headed home to Malaysia.     

The 2017 Asian Bird Fair will be held in Ulsan, South Korea. The 1 hour 16 minutes plus video of Opening Ceremony was published through Asian Bird Fair Facebook page and is available for viewing below:-     
 Asian Bird Fair 2016 Opening Ceremony

Text by Yeo Yee Ling

Pictures by Tang Tuck Hong, Wilbur Goh, Yeo Yee Ling & Asian Bird Fair Facebook page