Wednesday, March 28, 2018

KEDIDI - Newsletter APRIL 2018 issue

KEDIDI is the thricely newsletter of Wild Bird Club Malaysia (WBCM) and we are delighted to announce that the APRIL 2018:Vol 2/2 is now available for download HERE . You can also download this issue by clicking on image above.

Members and Birders are also welcomed to contribute bird sightings to the current data collection and retrieval platform via eBird Malaysia.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Global Big Day 2018 in Malaysia

How many birds can a world of birders find in one day? You can help answer that question on 5 May 2018Global Big Day.

Last year's Global Big Day featured more than 20000 people across 162 countries, collectively reporting 6637 species of birds—more than 60% of the world's bird diversity. This May, you can be a part of the fun. All you have to do is spend a few minutes birding, and eBird what you find.

Here are three quick ways to have the most fun:
  1. "Scout" your birding spots for 5 May. Finding where the birds are ahead of time makes the big day birding more fun, and also gives you more chances to be out enjoying birds. Perfect. Learn how to use eBird to find birds. 
  2. Use eBird Mobile. eBird's free data-entry app takes the time out of data entry, with tools like Quick Entry that mean you have less time with your face in a notebook and more time birding. Try eBird Mobile.
  3. Get a friend involved. Perhaps this is a good birding buddy, or someone who has never been birding before. Make it a friendly competition, or join forces as a Global Big Day team, and put your marker on the global participation map. Share on social media using #GlobalBigDay. Check out the Facebook event

No matter what you do, have a great time, enjoy the birds around you, and let us know what you find! We're excited to see what we can achieve together on Global Big Day.

Wild Bird Club Malaysia will be giving away a mystery gift to Malaysian eBirder who will be selected based on lucky draw. Full checklists with no Xs submitted through eBird Malaysia on 5th May 2018 will be eligible for this lucky draw. More information on GBD 2018 will be posted soon in website and KEDIDI newsletter. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Introduction to Birdwatching at UPM Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Puchong

It is never too early to begin bird watching activities. Some started as young as a child. For a group of young men and ladies who will one day become the authority of the park and forest, it is just the right time for them to get acquaintance with this form of activity while they are still pursuing their education in the university.
Wild Bird Club Malaysia (WBCM), in collaboration with NEST, successfully conducted an Introduction to Birdwatching for 2nd year students of Park and Recreational Faculty, UPM at SISFEC UPM, Puchong, on 2nd and 3rd of February, 2018.
The practical session was held on 3rd February morning. As early as 6:30am, WBCM volunteers had gathered at the centre to receive a briefing by the President of WBCM, Mr. Andy Lee.
Volunteers were divided into 4 groups as follow:
Group 1
Low Kok Hen (leader)
Chen Seow Kean
Katherine Khong
Group 2
Ng Jie Jia (leader)
Alan Koh
Group 3
Lee Keen Seong (leader)
Hiew Fong Oon
Chin Nyuk Hwa
Group 4
Andy Lee (leader)
Teoh TH
Kelvin Chew

Each team consisted of 10 to 11 students.
After briefing, the students set off to the forest.  With the help of WBCM volunteers, they learnt the proper way of using binoculars, the birding ethics, spotting and identifying bird etc.  This practical session ended at 9:00am, where all the participants had their breakfast thereafter.
Later in the lecture hall, each group appoint a student representative to present their experiences.
Overall, the students displayed their utmost discipline, interest, and enthusiasm. Hope one day they can contribute towards the conservation of avifauna in our country.
Below is a report by one of the participant in group 3, Jayden Chin:

Bird-watching in Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam, Puchong
On March 3, 2018, Universiti Putra Malaysia UPM held a bird-watching session at Pusat Pendidikan Perhutanan Sultan Idris Shah (SISFEC) UPM together with NEST and Wild Bird Club Malaysia.
The bird-watchers gathered at 7.30am and started to look for birds after being briefed by Mr Andy Lee. Out of four groups, Group 3 consisted of 11 members who were led by Mr Lee, Mr and Mrs Hiew.
The journey to look for birds were filled with joy, excitement and hope. A few types of birds were identified such as Red-eyed Bulbul, Greater racket-tailed Drongo and Flycatcher. Few birding experiences were shared in group. Everyone were satisfied and happy with the bird-watching session. 
We had breakfast after the completion of birdwatching session, followed by presentations in Bilik Tiong Emas. Group 3 shared the sighting of the Greater racket-tailed drongo. Finally after presentation, Group 3 joined the other groups for the photo session to conclude the bird-watching session at UPM.
Andy talking about the newly redesigned website for eBird Malaysia to UPM students
eBird Malaysia is a collaboration between WBCM and Cornell Lab of Ornithology with this regional portal being launched for Malaysia and Malaysian birdwatching community since 9th November 2016. UPM through Dr Puan Chong Leong had contributed an article on Recognising Individual Birds through Calls: First Acoustic Study on a Malaysian Owl which can be read HERE. The current eBird regional portals within Asia are in India and Taiwan. Learn more about eBird through video below:-  
Text by Lee Keen Seong
Pictures by Wild Bird Club Malaysia
Video of eBird by Cornell Lab Ornithology