Thursday, December 8, 2016

Part 2 Raptor watching at Thoolakharka Nepal

Eygptian Vulture
(Credit: Lim Kam Su)
Himalayan Vulture (Griffon)
(Credit: John Choong)
Cinereous Vulture
(Credit: Lim Kam Su)

Red-headed Vulture
[Credit: Tan Gim Cheong (left pic) & Lee Poh Peng (right pic)]
Black Eagle
(Credit: Lim Kam Su)
Oriental Honey-buzzard
(Credit: Lim Kam Su)
Steppe Eagle
(Credit: Lee Poh Peng)
Bonelli’s Eagle
(Credit: Tan Gim Cheong)
Booted Eagle
(Credit: Lim Kam Su)

On Day 5, we had low clouds in the morning and had the opportunity to see around 20 raptors thermalling and soaring above us. Not once but twice!!
Some of us including David Lai, Nina Cheung, Poh Peng, Jim, Bing Yee and I decided to take a break from raptor watching and did the forest trail from Thoolakharka (2,050 metres) to Pothana (1,890 metres) which was relatively easy with lots of bird activity and calls along the way. Other groups led by KamSu and Aun Tiah bird watched along the Millennium trail. Refer to the detailed listing of birds sighted provided below.
On some nights after dinner, we had the pleasure of the organisers of this trip, KamSu and Oon Teik who showed us stars such as the Pleiades (Seven Sisters), Cassiopeia, Sirius, Polaris (North Star), the Orion constellation and the Milky Way.
The organisers decided to donate to 3 groups, Nepal Raptor Conservation Group, MNS Raptor Study Group and Wild Bird Club Malaysia. In the casual setting at Angel Guest House, the cash handover ceremony was conducted between Lim Aun Tiah and Tulsi Subedi which was followed by a group photo. In addition to cash donation, donation in kind where winter clothing were given to communities in need.
With a heavy heart, we bade farewell to Angel’s Guest House and started our descent to Kande and thereafter to Kathmandu on 22 November 2016. Some people have registered their interest to return next year and the organisers are planning for a trip in November 2017!

Text by Maye Yap

More pictures and the birdlist in Part 3 of Raptor Watching at Thoolakharka, Nepal.

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