Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Part 4 Asian Bird Fair 2016 - Birds of Jingshan, China

Chenhu wetland and wetlands near Wuhan airport on 15th November 2016.

Bean Goose and Black-faced Bunting 

Eurasian Blackbird and Great Cormorant

Greater White-fronted Goose (A Gaggle of Geese) and Hen Harrier
 Pallas Leaf Warbler and Pied Avocet on a very foggy day
Flock of Ruddy Shelducks and Spot-Billed Ducks

Azure-winged Magpie and Common Crane below:-
A Field Guide to the Birds of China by Oxford University Press (2000 ed) was on sale at RMB85 during ABF 2016 - soldout by second day!  

 ABF 2016 Mini Bird Race on 13th November 2016 - record submitted by Andy and Tang. 

Children’s activities were part of the Asian Bird Fair 2016 in Jingshan, China. The creative interpretation of birds and nature through a child’s eye via clay-art, paintings on wooden umbrellas, calligraphy papers, were amazing and very impressive. 

Pictures from Tang Tuck Hong, Ang Teck Hin, Wilbur Goh, Yeo Yee Ling and Asian Bird Fair Facebook


  1. Extensive media cover of ABF 2016 Jingshan in China which included this news portal at

  2. Personally, birds are my favorite! through the field guide and the bird fair i learned about so many new birds, it was great! hoping to go the fair in person one day!